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New Version

The Metafo software now offers two different modes of operation: the intervention mode and the evaluation mode .

The intervention mode allows the child to complete the activities of the software by guiding it throughout its progression. If the child gives a wrong answer, the software will signal it to him by a sound effect. The performance of the child is not recorded in this mode. However, a final animation is presented when the child responds correctly, with or without help, to ten stimuli.

The evaluation mode , for its part, evaluates the performance of the child in each of the activities of the four planets, for easy and difficult levels. The child’s responses are recorded by activity and the results obtained can be viewed on the screen and printed out as a report by a speaker during an administrator session. The report indicates, by level of difficulty,

The assessment mode offers the child more autonomy and empowers him in his actions. The child is formed by playing independently while respecting the pedagogical path, without the software telling him his wrong answers. Not dreading making mistakes, the child thus benefits fully from the program. He can nevertheless ask his companion at any time