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The Métafo software was designed based on research results in reading acquisition. This educational software is intended for all children who have difficulty learning language, children who learn to read, and dyslexic children.

Métafo is intended as a practical pedagogical tool containing more than 20 activities to stimulate the phonological awareness of children. The activities offered are fun, diverse and simple to use , to the delight and benefit of children. The tutorial, built into the software, Explains what is phonological awareness and suggests a progression in the exploration of the planets according to the complexity of the skills required and the skill level of the child.
All instructions for the activities are presented orally to the child so that no knowledge of the writing is required to understand the purpose of each game.

In this interactive educational software, the child is invited to help four friendly characters meet challenges. Each planet contains games that focus on the development of skills essential to reading and writing (eg, phonological awareness, phonological manipulation, graphophonemic and phonographic conversion).

Progression in planetary exploration is suggested based on the complexity of the skills required. Sound stimuli vary with each new use, making it a powerful pedagogical tool. Indeed, at each use the program randomly selects a set of stimuli contained on the software.
An important feature of Metafo is that sound stimuli are non-words , that is, invented words.